Evan L. Snyder



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A song cycle for tenor and piano, based on Tennyson’s famous dramatic monologue of the same name. Premiered by Richard Fracker, Metropolitan Opera tenor, and Elden Little, pianist and coach, at Michigan State Universitiy’s Cook Recital Hall. (approx. 22 mins)

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This text and music for this song cycle for bass-baritone, clarinet, and piano were written as a collaboration with poet Peter Faziani. When asked to describe the cycle, he said the following: “Dynamic Roads reflects the influence home has on the development of maturity and memory in a young boy leaving home for the first time, a map at his side. The poems in this cycle map out five different stages of life between the speaker’s confused transition to adulthood and the eventual recollection of those experiences in midlife. As the young man journeys and grows older, his path changes before him, but his map stays always the same.” This work was commissioned by Joseph Baunoch and premiered March 2019, performed by himself, Rosemary Englestad, and Sun Min Kim. (approx. 15)

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Dynamic Roads - IV. Three Cars Later and
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