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Evan L. Snyder



Perusal scores for most works available below.
For performance scores please contact the composer HERE.


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A collaborative work conceived by flutist James Brinkmann, this work features three movements by three different composers (Evan L. Snyder, Spencer Arias, and Elena Specht). Each movement includes a participatory element, some way in which the audience actively makes music with the orchestra. Evan’s movement, Aria, features a tune which the audience sings in call-and-response with the orchestra, with ever-increasing levels of overlap: until the response catches up with the call and the audience and orchestra perform as one. This work will be premiered Spring 2020 by the MSU Concert Orchestra. (approx. 4 minutes) Scoring: [ - - timp; 2 perc; - str]

three murders

Three Murders is a suite of three of the seven orchestral interludes from the opera, A Capacity for Evil. The story of the opera follows Daniel, a famed 1930s private eye, who, with help from his partner Doyle and his fiancée Angelica, works to
unravel a series of grisly murders all occurring on New Years Eve. These murders, engineered by an unknown murderer after a passage of the bible, known as “The Temptations of Christ,” are captured in these three interludes—which echo both the victim’s experience and the murderer’s own warped interpretation of the passage. A Capacity for Evil was featured in Fort Worth Opera’s 2017 Frontiers Showcase and awaits an upcoming piano/vocal debut with Opera MODO, in September 2018. Scoring: [ - - timp; 2 perc; hp; pno - str]

(approx. 12 mins)


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Commissioned for Chicago Opera Theater’s 2019 Opera For All program, this flexibly-voiced choral work features a melody, along with optional alto and baritone harmony parts. Intended for students grades 2-8, the work deals with themes of friendship, difference, and overcoming adversity through togetherness. (approx. 3 minutes)

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