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Evan L. Snyder



Captain Tarq’ - Contralto/Bass-baritone/Bass

A seasoned Stellar Argosy captain, Tarq’ is a focused and efficient leader, ever-capable of balancing the expertise of their crew members with his own considerable experience. Notably stoic, they maintain a certain personal distance from their crew, to preserve both their own authority and to model the kind of conduct that they prefer to see on their ship.


Artificer Q’rench - Soubrette soprano/Light lyric soprano/Lyric tenor

A brilliant technology expert, inventor and mechanic, Q’rench has focused their pursuits on the revival of ancient technologies. While always excited to tackle any and all things machine, and happy to dabble in any of several other fields of advanced science, Q’rench is a much less assertive social creature. They function efficiently in their role as ship’s Artificer, but rarely have conversed with the others about anything besides their duties aboard the ship.

Excavationist Oc’rys - Lyric mezzo-soprano/Lyric baritone

The ship’s excavationist, resident expert on alien languages and cultures, Oc’rys is deeply passionate about the preservation of alien history and experience. Participating in this Argosy archeological mission is a dream come true for them and truly the perfect fit for their talents. Still early in their career, Oc’rys’s intensity in the pursuit of discovery is occasionally at odds with the Captain’s structured and by-the-book operating procedure, but despite this, Oc’rys and Captain Tarq’ share a considerable mutual respect.

Captain Ardwa/Prologue - Full lyric soprano/Full lyric tenor

An unknown individual to the Xale’jan crew, Ardwa is in many ways a typical example of the Avi —polite, private, and rather aloof. Seemingly good-natured, Ardwa carries themself with a considerable air of experience.

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