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Evan L. Snyder



Scene iii - (As the crew enters, lights come up on a lone structure amid the barren landscape - some kind of airtight pod, resting on the planet’s surface)




Art. - This is it - the object of interest SPRACS had flagged.


Exc. - What is it?


Art. - No idea - some kind of pod? Or perhaps a vehicle of some sort. Those look to be engines on the underside. Whatever it is, it’s still holding atmosphere, which is what attracted SPRACS to it. It’s old... It may have actually been airtight since the planet was supporting life.

Exc. - Could you date it, by the atmospheric content?


Art. - Yeah, at least approximately - what do you think Captain? Crack it open and see what’s inside?


Capt. - Go ahead - open it up. (They open the pod, revealing a mostly barren interior. A small bare cot, an inactive control panel of some kind, a large window to the outside, and nothing else of note is initially seen)


Art. - Depressurizing the pod now - atmosphere venting. Running analysis. Nearly 100% carbon dioxide. Wow - look at this atmospheric dating... This pod has been sealed for over 5000 planetary years...

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