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Evan L. Snyder



Detective Daniel Lewis, Lyric tenor
Angelica, Daniel's fiancée
Lyric mezzo-soprano
Doyle, Daniel's partner-in-crime-solving
Light lyric tenor
Captain Smith, 


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September 2018

Opera MODO will be presenting the piano/vocal premier of A Capacity for Evil.* Click HERE for their season announcement. Ticketing information will be provided through their website soon!

A Capacity for Evil was a winner of the 2017 Frontiers Competition and selections were performed as a part of the Forth Worth Opera Festival in May 2017. 

Inspired by the tradition of Sherlock Holmes, the detective tale, A Capacity for Evil, is based on an original story conceived by the composer Evan Snyder, and by tenor John Riesen. The story follows Daniel, a famed 1930s private eye, who, with help from his partner Doyle and his fiancée Angelica, works to unravel a series of grisly religious murders occurring on New Years Eve before the unknown murderer is able to realize the full scope of his perverse aims. As tensions rise and time runs short, the bonds between the three friends are tested - the limits of human compassion and trust tried against the dark ordeals of this imperceptible murderer. 

*Many thanks to our production sponsors, the MSU College of Music, the Graduate School at MSU, and MSU Running Start 2018.




Click HERE to read the full synopsis of A Capacity for Evil  (WARNING - SPOILER ALERT)
(Piano/vocal score available upon request)


The Time Aria - Act I, scene iii

John Riesen (Daniel), Neill Campbell (Piano) 

Trio - Act I, scene iii

Gillian Lynn Cotter (Angelica), John Riesen (Daniel), Isaac Frishman (Doyle), Neill Campbell (Piano)

"These Labors" - Act I, scene iii

Isaac Frishman (Doyle), Neill Campbell (Piano)

Quartet - "It's just like before" 

Act II, scene i

Gillian Lynn Cotter (Angelica), John Riesen (Daniel), Evan Snyder (Doyle), Dan Ewart (Capt. Smith), Neill Campbell (Piano)

Aria - "Because you are good" 

Act II, scene ii

Gillian Lynn Cotter (Angelica), Neill Campbell (Piano)